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This service should be engaged by businesses which contains highly confidential data (e.g nuclear energy, national defense, medical, aerospace, railroad industry, etc.) Our service and systems meet the criteria of International Codes & Standards to achieve the quality and reliability of the software.
  • Verification : Check whether software fulfills the development requirement
  • Validation : Check whether software fulfills the intended purpose by user
  • The V&V software ensures that our client’s software adheres to the requirements by IEEE and its related benchmarks based on IEEE 1012 (for the industry of nuclear energy and national defense). The test achievement ability is secured if the requirements are satisfied by integrating differentiated experience accumulated test engineering requirements on the development process to perform software verification and validation tasks.
    Drawing up a plan and process according to IEEE standards
    Providing Software V&V activity according to IEEEE’s standards
    Writing the quality output and analyzing the development output
    Risk Management: Hazard, Risk and Critical Analysis
    Configuration Management: Source code and output
    Test Management: Automation test tool, test phases and analyzed report
    Security analysis: Manage the SIL requirement
    Cyber Security Management: Plan, execute and compile the analyzed report
    Tel : +82-2-6265-3044
    e-mail :
  • Software V&V is performed throughout the entire software development process, used to validate and verify SW integrity and secure quality and reliable SW. This test is carried out according the international standards.
  • Software V&V Process, IEEE 1012 Requirement
  • SW V&V Process standard : IEEE 1012
  • Designing a testing plan and processing the results
  • Unit Test
  • Integration Test
  • System Test
  • Configuration Management : Source code and output
  • Phased Traceability Analysis (RTM)
  • Phased Risk and Security Management
  • Security Analysis Management
  • Automation Test Tool Analysis
  • SW V&V Report and Configuration Management Report generated during last testing phase
  • Configuration Management Report during the last phase