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Financial companies should secure zero-defects in their software as heavy investments are allocated to the IT department periodically. Also, the current main platform-centered system is evolving to an open system as it expands into the Web and Mobile platforms. As the financial IT sector undergoes restructuring frequently, the needs for software testing is more detailed. It is therefore essential to engage a company which has a deep knowledge in the finance sector and professional software testing technologies.
To design the next generation system buildup test, WISEWIRES has developed each process within the system intricately. It has performed the test and managed the test results as well. WISEWIRES has contributed a highly secure system and improvements by managing each phase of the test process.
WISEWIRES has performed the function and UI check for the bonds, domestic stock trading market and derivate trading system and generated a report on the system. A new system quality management structure which encompasses the automation test script has also been built to establish an efficient quality management system
WISEWIRES conducted a functional test for Mobile HTS to minimize the defects before its release and during the release of its services. It also conducted a compatibility test for each type of handsets and a benchmark test of its competitors as well.
The technology growth of the digital and information communications industry is estimated to be more than 15% annually. This has contributed significantly to the huge e-commerce market. Coupled with the rise of smartphones, e-commerce has expanded quickly, especially for domestic internet network circumstance, IT business, e-commerce/delivery system business and integration of on/off markets. Based on the understanding and experience of the e-commerce industry, the needs of the tests have increased rapidly to consider the various customers, systems and conditions.
WISEWIRES has built the test processes for various webs and e-commerce platforms, managed the organization’s systems, and performed app verification of the open market.
  • Managing and organizing’s e-commerce marketplace
  • Managing and organizing Auction QA team and Auction mobile e-commerce marketplace test
  • Building Homeplus online shopping mall
  • Network carrier’s Open market application leaks perform verification and validation of the authentication of global device manufacturers
  • Test items (divided by platform)