WISEWIRES operates software testing services in a variety of fields

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Industry Overview

We are currently in transition from a hardware-centric to a digital convergence, contents and smart-centric era, developing into fusion technologies rather than a single product technology. WISEWIRES aims to use its experience and expertise in the software testing industry to guide companies in the electronics industry in producing high-quality electronic goods.

Our Experience

  • Smart TV Application Software Test

    Smart TV Application
    Software Test

    WISEWIRES performed system tests for Smart TV platforms and applications

  • Smartphone Embedded Software Test

    Smartphone Embedded
    Software Test

    WISEWIRES performed handset conformance tests and product debug analysis using an OEM software mounted to the smartphone manufactured by a global company.

  • SSD Control Software Compatibility & Benchmark Test

    SSD Control Software
    Compatibility & Benchmark Test

    WISEWIRES tested the compatibility of various H/W and OS conditions using the SSD software which is a high performance storage device. The H/W and Network test is conducted from various Benchmark tools.


Industry Overview

Telecommunications companies should manage the quality of its communications network, handset and service platforms systematically, and maintain a secure service network. Therefore, they should focus strongly on quality and manage their system on a long-term basis. Telecommunications companies should focus on quality assurance due to the widespread use of smartphones now, making quality service management more important than ever.

Our Experience

  • M2M Solution and Device Software Test

    M2M Solution and Device
    Software Test

    WISEWIRES performed solution testing for M2M devices mainly for corporate clients. We also conducted rollout tests with different Radio Access Technologies, such as WCDMA, WiBRO, LTE, Wi-Fi, etc. for various communication networks, platforms and infrastructures.

  • Mobile Handset Signaling Test

    Mobile Handset Signaling Test

    WISEWIRES performed over-the-air signaling tests for mobile handsets, especially smartphones, and ensured end-to-end functionalities from physical through application layers.

  • Smartphone Application Test

    WISEWIRES tested smartphone Android and iOS applications for its function, charging, network, security, policy (malicious software) and UI/UX